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Speed Reading Online

Speed Reading English

Unlock your full potential in a knowledge-driven world with Speed Reading English

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Are you or your team grappling with the challenge of absorbing copious amounts of information in a short professional timeframe and yet retaining a comprehensive understanding?

Start Speed Reading English Online—a self-paced course rooted in the proven techniques of Improved Reading, complemented by expert guidance.
Here, you’ll learn scientific methods to instantly elevate your reading speed, grasp straightforward techniques for lasting learning impact, and discover ways to process and retain content more effortlessly.

  • Scientific methods that immediately increase your reading speed
  • Simple techniques to help you achieve a lasting learning effect
  • How you can process content better and retain it more easily

More than 80% of our participants double their reading speed or more.

Speed Reading English​ aims at these effects:

That's what's in it for you with Speed Reading Online

That's why we offer Speed Reading Online ➟

"Efficient reading with the Improved Reading technique increases concentration and saves a lot of time. It has helped me a lot in my work. And as an online training course with free time management, it's great!"

Stephan Zimmermann

Trainer for Speed Reading Online, Improved Reading Science, Lesen am Bildschirm and Deep Reading digital (German/English)


  1. Initial Assessment of Reading Skills: Begin with a personalized evaluation of your current reading abilities to tailor the training to your needs.

  2. Demonstration of Inefficient Reading Habits: Illustrate common pitfalls in reading through practical demonstrations, providing insights into habits that need improvement.

  3. Exercises to Reduce Common Reading Mistakes: Engage in a sequence of exercises designed to address prevalent reading errors, employing proven teaching methods grounded in learning psychology for both paper and screen reading.

  4. Efficient Reading Techniques and Flexible Strategies: Learn and practice techniques to significantly boost your reading speed while developing adaptable reading strategies.

  5. Interrelations between Reading Technique and Concentration/Memory Retention: Explore the dynamic connections between reading techniques, concentration, and memory retention, gaining insights into optimizing this interplay.

  6. Motivating Progress Tests: Regular tests at intervals to monitor and celebrate your progress, providing helpful feedback on your improvement.


  • Web-Based Training: Access the training online, providing flexibility to engage in the course at your convenience.

  • Trainer Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of an experienced trainer who will guide you through the course, offering support, insights, and personalized feedback.

  • Interactive Learning: Participate in interactive exercises and activities that reinforce learning and ensure active engagement throughout the training.

  • Flexible Timing: Complete the 10-course modules over approximately 10–12 hours, with the flexibility to adapt the schedule to your preferences within a 4-week timeframe.

  • Group or Individual Start: Commence the training individually or as a group, with the freedom to choose course dates that align with your schedule.

The duration of the „Speed Reading English“ training is around 10–12 hours in total, to be completed within 4 weeks with flexible timing, and participants can start individually or as a group.

1. What is the duration of the course?

  • The course spans around 10–12 hours in total, designed to be completed within 4 weeks with flexible timing.

2. Can I start the course at any time?

  • Yes, participants have the flexibility to start the training at any time, either individually or as a group.

3. What are the system requirements for the online training?

  • You’ll need a desktop or tablet computer with internet access and a current browser version.

4. What are the goals of the training?

  • The training aims to increase reading speed (with over 80% of participants doubling their speed), improve comprehension, significantly enhance the „Effective Reading Rate,“ adapt reading speed to different purposes, find important information faster, and consciously select reading materials.

5. Is there a certificate provided at the end of the course?

  • Yes, participants receive a certificate indicating the increase in their Effective Reading Rate, which can be a valuable credential for future employers.

6. Is the course available in German?

  • Yes, the course is also available in German, with all training materials, exercises, and course theory adapted to the German language.

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„I am super surprised by the success I have had after 10 days of practicing for only 10 hours. I’m sure I’ll be using and practicing the techniques regularly.
The structure of the training – alternation with exercises, reading, short videos is very appealing and has made it easy for me to motivate myself. My thumbs are both up. Thank you for this great experience and for the course book for reference.“

Sabine Seiter-Musch
Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung a.G.

“Speed Reading Online Training was one of the best training I have ever visited. If only because it also had a benefit for the private sector. But the content was also well prepared and managed next to the day -to -day business. Of course, every exercise is always nice when you can see progress what was usually the case with me. ”

Philipp Schrüfer
Finanzministerium Baden-Württemberg

Why e3 trainings?

Because we stick to the three e’s: easy, efficient and with ease. This means that we use simple techniques to help our clients learn quickly and in a relaxed way. We help increase productivity, improve concentration and achieve goals. Above all, we want to make working life worth living.
And this is how it works:

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