Speed Reading English

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Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today.

Many famous entrepreneurs keep stressing the importance of reading as a key to success. 

But even if you don’t strive to be the next Elon Musk, efficient speed reading and being able to navigate the flood of information are crucial skills for any career in a society that is based on knowledge.

Speed Reading English

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What Speed Reading English Online will do for you

Knowledge workers need to process and fully understand a lot of information within a short time and often under pressure. Efficient reading techniques relief the stress caused by this information overload and help unlock your full potential.

You will be able to select useful information faster, process it more quickly and more thoroughly and remember it more easily.

In this web-based training you will learn techniques that will boost your reading efficiency. In many cases the participants easily double their reading speed and improve comprehension.

Contents Speed Reading English:

  • Initial personal assessment of reading skills
  • Demonstration of inefficient reading habits
  • Sequence of exercises to reduce common reading mistakes (on paper and screens)
  • Efficient reading techniques and flexible reading strategies are introduced and practiced
  • The interrelations between reading technique and concentration/memory retention will be demonstrated and you will learn how to leverage this interaction.
  • Motivating tests at regular intervals to monitor your progress


10 course modules: around 10–12 hours in total with flexible timing

Course dates:

Start any time you want – individually or as a group!

System requirements:

Desktop or tablet computer with Internet access and a current browser version 

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  • Increase your reading speed (more than 80% of participants of our trainings double their speed).
  • Improve comprehension or keep comprehension at good levels.
  • Increase your „Effective Reading Rate“ significantly.
  • Adapt your reading speed to different purposes.
  • Find important information faster.
  • Select reading materials more consciously.


At the end of the course you will receive a certificate stating the increase of your Effective Reading Rate. Impress future employers with your Effective Reading Rate!

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Download the course info:

Prefer to practice speed reading in German?

This course is also available in German. With all training materials, exercises and the course theory adapted to the German language.

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You would like to book Speed Reading Online for a group in your organization or company?

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